Why is STEM Important?

STEM is important because it integrates the four primary curriculum fields; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. A STEM education is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to become leaders in our nation’s diverse and highly competitive global economy and our complex, innovative and technology-driven society.

It’s Where the Jobs Are

STEM fields lead in innovation across a broad range of industries and occupations. STEM job creation over the next 10 years will outpace non-STEM jobs significantly. Students and employees will need to utilize their STEM knowledge for problem solving in order to succeed in an internationally competitive workforce.


It’s Where The Money Is

According to the Commerce Department, the most rapidly-growing and highest-income jobs are in STEM fields. People in STEM occupations can expect to earn 26 percent more money on average and be less likely to experience job loss.


Our Future Is At Stake

STEM is extremely important in workforce development. Numerous educational and professional organizations have realized the importance of a STEM education and the declining levels of education in STEM fields for the U.S. Sixty percent of the new jobs that will open in the 21st century will require skills possessed by only 20 percent of the current workforce. The U.S. may be short by as many as three million high-skills workers by 2018.


A STEM education allows students to think critically and strategically, which enables them to investigate and make new connections between certain aspects of the world. For more information about STEM, contact us today.

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