What is STEM?

STEM is an interdisciplinary educational approach that embraces hands-on, immersive physics and engineering-based experiences and problem solving.The STEM educational approach by The Academy of Racing includes elements from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


Our students will utilize Science, the study of the physical and natural world, including biology, chemistry and physics.  The science of racing is explored by getting behind the wheel of a Go Kart to experiment and test force, mass, speed and acceleration. Students have the opportunity to  observe the effects on acceleration when exerted force and mass are changed. They may also be challenged to create a motion graph based upon the speed of their team’s race car.


Technology is the process by which we modify our world in order to better meet our needs. It’s the ability to see what can and should be designed, made, and sustained from materials and substances so these needs can be met. When technology is integrated into a student’s learning environment, it can enhance their assessment, engagement and interactive skills.  The Academy of Racing incorporates a variety of activities that support this process.



Students will utilize their skills in Engineering by using mathematics, science and technology tools to solve real-world problems and design and develop projects. For example, students will get the chance to re-engineer one of our race cars for increased performance as well as build and test other student-made vehicles.


Students will utilize their skills in Math, the study of patterns and data to solve problems and draw conclusions using numerical, spatial and logical relationships. When calculating and graphing speed and acceleration on a straightaway and investigating tire rotation as it relates to diameter.

STEM is important because it integrates the four primary curriculum fields; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. A STEM education is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to become leaders in our nation’s diverse and highly competitive global economy and our complex, innovative and technology-driven society.

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