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Our innovative and team-based lesson plans are custom-designed to encourage students’ interest in physics and engineering with engaging activities that are relevant to real life. Geared for 6th - 8th Graders, Students will gain knowledge about aerodynamics, racing safety and technology, while learning the science behind the speed in greater depths and utilizing their new skills. Our lessons include:


The Physics Of Fast

The physics portion of our program consists of two parts. First, we delve into Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion: Force, Mass, Speed and Acceleration. Then we look at the science behind speed. Students will complete time trials with 3 of our karts. One kart will be our controlled item going an average speed, the second kart is weighted with an extra 80 pounds, and our third kart will be travelling at twice the speed of our other karts. Students will look at how to find speed from our time trial data.


Speed Will Get Away From You

In this portion of the program we investigate tire rotation as it relates to diameter. Students will measure 8 different types of tires; from a tractor tire, to a kart tire. They will work in groups to find the diameter and distance of one rotation for each. Students will then find the ratio of diameter to distance, which equals Pi!


Oh Snap!

We then re-­engineer a mousetrap car for increased performance. Students will work in groups to customize these mousetrap cars, and in the end build what they think will be the fastest car to race! With multiple variables to change on the cars, students will see how certain items affect the performance of these mousetrap cars.


Our program integrates STEM concepts with cutting-edge racing technology into three adrenaline-packed lesson plans, each of which aligns with national, Next Generation Science and Missouri Learning Standards, to create an amazing experience for students. The high-energy lessons are facilitated by a group of engineers and scientists (who just happen to be race car drivers!) to encourage and inspire students to become the next generation of engineers and scientists.

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